Business Investor & Turnaround Strategist

As an investor we can effect change fast, as a consultant we help develop your business to achieve results.


Business investor and turnaround strategist dedicated to assisting business owners reach their objective at every growth phase. With a background in business development and investment experience, understands that business is much more than written contracts, it is about the people working every day in the business that matter most for small and medium sized enterprises generating $1-$20 million or more in revenue annually. He invests in, mergers and acquisitions, growth partnerships, cash out purchases and adding shareholder value.

Business Model


 We work with entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable results, whether that's exponential growth of revenue or an M&A event. We are not business brokers or investment bankers. We find they treat your business like real estate agents treat the sale of your home - the goal is to sell it as quickly as possible, for any price, and move on to the next transaction. Our business model is different. We focus on the health of the business as a starting point and pay attention to finer details, like the tax implications for the owner upon an exit.

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